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Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
4:33 pm - Who's here
Who is still around (besides Ray and Osby). I haven't posted in here since January 2009. I kind of miss it but I also know the community this place used to be in the early 2000'ish was not around either. It all became facebook and all it's updates..

So I ask again..who is still here?

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Sunday, January 25th, 2009
7:43 pm - Who doesn't like Mystery Science Theatre 3000?

The MST3K Crew Reunites For Live Webcast

"On Wednesday, January 28th at 6:00 PM PST and 9:00 PM EST, the stars of the cult television hit 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' will reunite to do what they do best — heckle bad movies. Join Mike Nelson, Kevin "Tom Servo" Murphy and Bill "Crow T. Robot" Corbett as they make fun of the 1950 short film, 'Overcoming Fear,' live over the internet.


(straight from slashdot)

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Saturday, January 24th, 2009
11:21 am - C Forgotten

Yesterday, I went and picked up some old programming books from storage. I have taken classes in Pascal and C++. I just recently discovered (and remembered) that I took a C class. I still don't remember who taught it or much about it.

I was very confused because the other day, I was looking at C code and C++ code. Since I took 2 C++ classes, I recognized it pretty well. However, when I looked at the C code, it took me a while to recognize it. It seemed unusual at first, until I started reading through it and recognizing the syntax a little bit. I had to think really hard but I was sure I took a C class after recognizing most of the code.

I went and looked up all my programming books and sure enough, I found my old C programming book. Still, I can't believe I forgot this. I still don't remember a good portion of it, like who was in the class, who taught it, what room, etc. My other classes, I can give you a general idea where the rooms were for what subject. I can't do that for this class. I'm stumped by my own memory.

In either case, I am going to review my old C book and freshen up.

I don't intend to do anything big with it. I just want to reintroduce myself to some old friends.

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Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
9:48 pm - How to Channel this Energy

Lately I have had the urge to take on many projects. I don’t know where this surge comes from, but I find that I can’t focus on any particular project. It’s that reason that I have so many different sites.

The problem is, I will have an urge to take on a project, then my focus will shift to a different project. Here are some examples..

1) Revisit my coding in C (not C++)
2) Focus my attention to social networks (bright kite, twitter…etc)
3) Write more in the many blogs I have
4) Record mixes and listen to more music
5) Read more books
6) Learn more Linux / Bash shell stuff

The list does go on. This is where the A.D.D. part comes in. I am unable to focus on a project for more than a day or so. It is rather disturbing to me because I would like to actually finish something. It’s as if I am spreading myself very thin. There are so many things I want to do though. I can never find myself sticking to one.

It’s really weird for me to talk about this because I never actually acknowledged this until I saw the pattern repeating. The sad part is, I didn’t recognize it until lately and actively tracked it.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing, but I do know it exists. I guess I will live with it for now, but I just need to know how to channel this energy I have between all the projects.

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Friday, January 16th, 2009
10:37 am - Keanu to star in Cowboy Bebop movie


Keanu Saddles Up for Cowboy Bebop


He of the comforting monotone has hitched his wagon to 20th Century Fox's big-screen adaptation of the acclaimed Japanese anime series Cowboy Bebop, which is set in 2071, 50 years after a massive lunar explosion decimated Earth's population and necessitated the colonization of the entire solar system.

Thanks to greater than usual logistical issues, an elite team of Old West-style bounty hunters, or cowboys, is needed to keep the peace.

Per the Hollywood Reporter, Reeves is attached to play Spike Siegel, a reformed criminal turned space cowboy and copilot of the Bebop, who, like a character from the actor's past, is well-versed in kung fu and other combat skills but is toting around quite a few personal demons.

No word yet on who's in line to play Spike's copilot, Jet Black, a onetime Inter-Solar System cop with a mechanical arm, but so far we're liking the whole Firefly-Battlestar Galactica-Bill & Ted vibe.

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Tuesday, January 13th, 2009
4:53 pm - 8 Things I have learned while working in retail

I originally posted this on the fireberry.org blog and the kinkoids community forum.  I think I am going to share it with everyone on my friends list as well...
There came a time in the beginning of the century where jobs were very scarce.  I was jobless for a good 2-3 years straight with no sight of relief anytime soon.  A family friend at the time was working as a Manager at Fedex Kinkos, (Now Fedex Office -- or F-Off for those still employed there who understand the environment), offered me a job without an interview.  He just asked when I can start.  I did all the pre-reqs for entrance and found myself employed there.

I worked there for about a year before I was promoted to Assistant Manager (since I practically was doing the job already -- cause no one wanted it).  I found myself in many situations that really stretched and expanded my thinking about retail.  Everyone involved in retail treated it like prison.  Everyone was saying, "When I get out of here, i'm gonna [insert action here].  I left Fedex after 2 years and worked as a Technician (which is what I really wanted to do), however it was in a retail environment.  Something I didn't expect, but accepted as a norm.

In my line of work in retail, there are many things I learned and have carried over.  I dedicate this list to my fellow friend still employed at the Fedex Kinkos Office and those who know what it's like to exist in these low-paying jobs for survival (especially you James).

--8 Things I have learned while working in retail.--

When asking for someone's name, make sure you gave your name
This one is small, but our crappy DM did tell me this.  It has always stuck with me even now that I am out of retail.  Always give your name if you are going to ask theirs.  This line shows courtesy and respect.  It is always important to show respect to the other party.  Treat others as you want to be treated.  Don't be a stranger no one can relate to. An added bonus is to learn the names of your frequent customers.  They will remember you and it adds the familiarity and understanding from that person.

On a side note, always tell them to have a good day (or night).  It's a good habit to learn.  No exceptions.

When working the Graveyard shift, always have a baseball bat within reach
Yah this one is weird, but it's legitament.  Being open 24 hours a day does allow some out-of-the-ordinary people into a business where you know they are not there to make copies.  I have seen homeless people arguing at a fax machine because it looked at them funny.  You still have to provide excellent service to people, however there are always limits to what you can do.  The odds however are, you are alone, or your Graveyard partner has called in sick.  Sometimes, dialing 911 won't help you as fast as a handy baseball bat.  To this day, it has never been used, but it has been held a few times by some old friends.

Always get the backs of your fellow workmates
You may never get a long with your colleagues and hate their guts.  However always make sure you have their back.  It's hard to remember that you are all in this together.  For example, there have been situations where extra time that I may have had went a long way.  Helping someone run a job or assisting in activities that may overwhelm another is never forgotten.

Don't trust your workmates to do the job
It almost goes against what I said in the previous statement.  However, if you want something done right, then you have to do it yourself.  It goes along the lines of "you can never count on anyone except yourself".  In this situation, that statement is correct.  There have been many countless times where i've had to say to a customer, "I'm sorry, but your funeral posters are not ready".  "But the funeral is in an hour!".  What are you suppost to say? "I'm sorry, but someone dropped the ball and it's a 3 hour turn around time for the posters with foam core mounting, and we don't have the mounts." This has been an experience well played out by those who have worked in the "Kinkos" environment.

If something goes wrong, always apologize
There are many situations that present itself that are never your fault.  However you represent an institution that you are bound to.  Therefore, you are it's voice, CEO, and representative for everything that deals with the customer.  Always apologize.  It goes a long way relaying to the customer that you have a heart.  Following that statement (most of the time) is always followed up by pushing their work to the front of the line.  Coworkers may not sympathize, but being an Assistant Manager has taught me that you have to show that the company has a heart too (supposedly).  This leads to the next thing...

Always go the extra mile
People may not diserve it.  They may be ass lickers that should die a horrid death by chain saw or other means.  But if you go the extra mile, you are just not talking the talk.  Saving a project that is held dear, and saving the day is the stuff people sing about in war songs.  I have received a few letters of appreciation by saving the day and helping a miracle form in spite of the odds of the World against you.  It definitely makes you believe in the under dog. My letter of recommendation is still displayed at my old company from Google saving their dead hard drive in a data recovery situation.  All because I kept the business open 45 minutes after hours waiting for him.

Taking a step outside what I have experienced, I asked a friend of mine his experience in his line of work as a service provider.  He has this to share...

Find out what are your customers wants and needs. Then be sure to let them know that's what you can offer them.
Mark Preader, Head Instructor and Owner of "West Coast Martial Arts Hollister" states, If someone says to me, "I want my child to learn discipline", I always say, "Well that's the core of our program".  This shows great thought into services rendered and available through teaching. You don't want to offer a product or service to someone and fall short.  That's just poor customer service.  You will find yourself without clients or people trusting you or your product.

Finally, this is the most important lesson I learned. All it took was for my manager to be pissed off at someone and become an outlet for him.

You don't have to work there
You don't have to work at your location.  There are many jobs out there that can better suit what you want.  Unfortunately, it may be difficult in this recession we have, but they do exist.  All you have to do is try and put yourself out there.  There are many stories of people who take so much crap from customers.  I know many who still do.  But if you don't put yourself and your resume out there. You will never know.  I moved from Kinkos, to Home Computer Servicing to Enterprise Servicing.  It is a place that not only pays way more than previous endevours but is more relaxing than slaving over a counter.  I applaud those who still do low-pay service providing for survival and it may be all they know.  Just remember, you will never know until you try.

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Sunday, December 21st, 2008
3:41 pm - The Ocean or the Mountains
Where would you live? By the Ocean or in the Mountains?

If I had the opportunity to choose, I would pick the mountains. For one, I don’t like the beach and second, I love the environment in the mountains.

The reason i don’t like the beach is because it is cold. I have been to the beach many times. During those times, I have always been cold and I did not like the way the wind made my skin feel wet and grainy. I have heard many people claim that they love the beach for it’s appearance at sunset. For it’s romantic feel and it’s feeling of being one with nature. I think I would feel more one with nature in the heart of the mountains without the clash of an ocean against it.

The environment of the mountains are that of unpredictable thunderstorms and even snowfall. Granted I have never lived in the snow, I think I would like that experience. Personally, I hate being cold and would prefer it to be hot and humid. Being in the mountains is something I would be open to experience even if it means sacraficing being cozy warm. Thunderstorms are a natural occurance in the mountains. I like the environment that thunderstorms bring with it’s power and awe with a twist of a lightshow. I would welcome those events as a natural place to live.

If I had a choice, I would choose the mountains over the beach anyday. I think the environment of the mountains would out weigh the beach anyday considering my likes and dislikes. Although I live in the bay area, the mountains would be my choice if it were given to me.

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3:21 pm - Dec 21st
Happy Winter Solstice.

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Monday, November 24th, 2008
4:41 pm - Get out of Jail Free

The Associated Press reported Monday that President George W. Bush has granted pardons to 14 individuals and commuted the prison sentences of two others.The crimes committed by those on the list include drug offenses, income tax evasion, bank embezzlement and violation of the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.
  • Leslie Owen Collier, of Charleston, Mo. She was convicted for unauthorized use of a pesticide and violating the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.
  • Milton Kirk Cordes, of Rapid City, S.D. Cordes was convicted of conspiracy to violate the Lacey Act, which prohibits importation into the country of wildlife taken in violation of conservation laws.
  • Richard Micheal Culpepper, of Mahomet, Ill., who was convicted of making false statements to the federal government.
  • Brenda Jean Dolenz-Helmer, of Fort Worth, Texas, for reporting or helping cover up a crime.
  • Andrew Foster Harley, of Falls Church, Va. Harley was convicted of wrongful use and distribution of marijuana and cocaine.
  • Obie Gene Helton, of Rossville, Ga., whose offense was unauthorized acquisition of food stamps.
  • Carey C. Hice Sr., of Travelers Rest, S.C., who was convicted of income tax evasion.
  • Geneva Yvonne Hogg, of Jacksonville, Fla., convicted of bank embezzlement.
  • William Hoyle McCright Jr., of Midland, Texas, who was sentenced for making false entries, books, reports or statements to a bank.
  • Paul Julian McCurdy, of Sulphur, Okla., who was sentenced for misapplication of bank funds.
  • Robert Earl Mohon Jr., of Grant, Ala., who was convicted of conspiracy to distribute marijuana.
  • Ronald Alan Mohrhoff, of Los Angeles, who was convicted for unlawful use of a telephone in a narcotics felony.
  • Daniel Figh Pue III, of Conroe, Texas, convicted of illegal treatment, storage and disposal of a hazardous waste without a permit.
  • Orion Lynn Vick, of White Hall, Ark., who was convicted of aiding and abetting the theft of government property.
Bush also commuted the prison sentences of John Edward Forte of North Brunswick, N.J., and James Russell Harris of Detroit, Mich. Both were convicted of cocaine offenses.Under the Constitution, the president's power to issue pardons is absolute and cannot be overruled.Including these actions, Bush has granted a total of 171 and eight commutations.That's less than half as many as Presidents Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan issued during their time in office. Both were two-term presidents.Some high-profile individuals, such as Michael Milken, are seeking a pardon on securities fraud charges. Two politicians convicted of public corruption -- former Cong. Randy "Duke" Cunningham and four-term Democratic Louisiana Gov. Edwin W. Edwards -- are asking Bush to shorten their prison terms.And there remains the question of whether Bush might decide to issue pre-emptive pardons before he leaves office to government employees who authorized or engaged in harsh interrogations of suspected terrorists in the 9/11 attacks.

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Tuesday, November 4th, 2008
3:08 pm - I Voted

Yah... I voted...

I was surprised at the lack of security at the voting booth.  I feel that if I played the cards right, I could have voted more than 1 time.

1) They never checked my ID.
2) They just needed to know my address and...
3) Have me sign a book. 

Now, If I had registered a fake name at my residence, I feel that I could have gone in and voted.  Go back later in the day and vote again.  I feel this situation may have consequences.  I'm wondering if people out there are actually doing this.  Registering to vote and voting more times than they should. 

What is preventing this type of situation? Unfortunately I didn't see anything otherwise that would count against it.  It's just a concern that I see that would ruin this democracy.  But then again, at least I voted.

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Sunday, September 28th, 2008
7:19 pm
Our kitty is full of FAIL with a FTW attitude

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3:53 pm - Nom Nom Nom
There was this article i posted on my Fireberry blog that listed all the Presidents that have been impeached.  However WordPress doesn't allow mouse overs that I wanted to add (since Java was disabled).  I didn't want to enable Java for security reasons and I created this graphic that I couldn't post (because of the lack of mouse overs).

So.. I decided to post this image here for no reason what so ever.  If you read the article, you will be able to see the relevance of this picture.

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3:49 pm - Debates on Current
(As posted on Fireberry)

I heard about the Obama / McCain debate the day of. I didn't know when the debate was to occur, however I became excited to know I didn't miss it.

I was fortunate enough to find the scheduling for the debates. I was an hour early which allowed me to surf around both the web and twitter. During that time, I was able to locate the website Current which tracked the debate about to occur. However, Current was combining with Twitter to give people the chance to
participate with thousands of others. People were able to comment into the debates and respond

to others who left comments as well on the website. People could do this mainly through the Election section of Twitter.

When the debates started, I was able to hop into this election channel setup by Twitter, and relay the comments through Current with the #current marking. Through the channel, people left comments and others were able to leave comments or reply. These in turn started threads which turned into mini-conversations which I think took full advantage of the Internet. The power of Twitter, being a micro blog, allowed people to express their ideas, thoughts and speech widely for everyone to share. Current combined Twitter and the debates into one channel, and in turn allowed people to come together for the same cause. I think this idea is a great idea since people can express themselves in a public forum where-as the technology did not exist years ago.

I am glad this idea has been implimented. For once, I felt I was on the same level as everyone else out there. The idea of commenting while watching the debates and seeing what everyone had to say just left me thinking that these debates were so much more than the whole of the primary men participating in it. Those who tap it's power for the new social media will be able to participate in a world that is greater than any one man who may indeed become the President of the USA.

(on a short note, Al Gore didn't know about Twitter until the day of the debates. He should be joining soon since he's greatly impressed at the technology and power behind Twitter).

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Friday, September 19th, 2008
10:25 pm - Prologue
(As posted on Fireberry)

Sorry it's been a while since I wrote. I will recap the best I can...

About a month back, I had planned on traveling to Southern California to visit some family we have down there. We decided to leave on On September 4th (after work) and start our trek down there. We ended up staying the night in ButtonWillow that night and finishing the travel that Friday. While there, we ended up hanging out with cousins, aunts, uncles, second cousins, everyone (from my Dad's side of the family). The first night we were there, we had a big dinner. My Aunt Carol had a great time cooking and preparing for the onslaught that is our family and those already there. During the first night there, my cousin and I had a game of 'Age of Empires 2' going. Since he had our family converted to play that game, it was awesome playing with family members.

The next morning, we had a get together of all our cousins and second cousins for a big dinner. During that time, we setup a tent for camping the backyard and my Aunt Carol got a massive dinner prepared. During that time, we visited and talked and had a great time. Dinner came and went and we even had a classical performance from my cousin Tom (who used to be a music major). We ate some smores and afterwards, everyone went to bed. I slept in the tent with a few others (mainly the kids who wanted to sleep in the tent).

That evening was a restless sleep, but good non-the-less. The next morning, my Uncle Dave and Aunt Trisha came over and we had a feast of a breakfast. It was littered with bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes, etc. We then wasted the whole rest of the day (after breakfast was completed) in playing some strategy games such as 'Age of Empires 2' and 'Age of Mythology'. We literally played the hours away since it was a cool down day from all the busy activity from the past couple days. We did have a Del Taco dinner which turned out to be one of the best things we did that night. (Del Taco is a restaurant that needs more spots here in the Bay Area).

Monday morning was spent traveling back up to the Bay Area in which nothing particular happened. Lots of sleep ensued.

The trip itself was restful and exciting. I think we have decided to visit again, we are just not sure when. My cousin won't be going back overseas for 3 more months so we may visit again soon.

As for work, I have been really busy lately. One of our clients have been really demanding on resolving some issues that are just trivial. We provide so much support yet to have them reject the changes we suggest. It's rather unfortunate in these areas. It turns out to be a big waste of time. I've been on site for the whole week and a half afterwards. I feel like I have been out of touch with everything. I think today was the first time I felt like I caught up on a few things. I did however had my annual review today. I received an 8% raise today which is probably more substantial than any previous raises I have had.

Anyway, I am tired. I think I will head to bed.

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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008
9:58 pm - SoCal Visitation Rights
(Originally posted on the Fireberry Blog)

It looks like we finalized our plans for this weekend. We plan to head into Santa Ana to visit some relatives. It's a long needed vacation. My cousin whom I worked with before had come back from overseas. He lives in the Phillipines where he owns a Quality Assurance business. He comes into the US once every 3-6 months. When he comes in, he stays in Southern California where we have other cousins, aunts and uncles down there. We decided that if we were going to visit, it was not going to be during Labor Day weekend because that is when everyone was going to be traveling. Instead, we opted to go afterwards to avoid un-necessary traffic. We plan to leave Thursday night and arrive there in the middle of the night. We will probably head back into town Monday afternoon sometime. We'll decide when the time comes. The last time we were down there, it was during Easter. I think there are pictures somewhere from that trip. We had taken the kids to Disneyland for their first time where they rocked the place until they passed out.

On another note, I finally downloaded Google's Chrome browser. It's definetely a good clean browser that I can see so far, but I will decide further after I use it for an extended amount of time. So far so good though (I am writing this blog post inside Chrome). I've used all sorts of other browsers. I've used Opera, Nautilus, IE (obviously), Safari, etc. So far, this browser seems clean. I have much to poke through. More will follow...

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Friday, August 29th, 2008
7:28 am - Live Diggnation!
(As Posted in the Fireberry Blog)

Tuesday was the live taping of Diggnation at the San Jose Center of Performing Arts. The show itself was sponsored by the NVIDIA's NVISION 2008 show that was going on. I had been to a Revision3 party before when they did their launch a couple of years ago, where Alex and Kevin were mingling with the crowd with other Internet people such as Patrick Norton, Martin Seargent, Jessica Corbin, et al.

At 5:30pm, we had to wait in the enterance of the building until we were told to line up in 2 lines. It was really pointless because after we lined up, we were lead into the hallway where we were merged into 1 line at the front of the performance area. We had to wait until 6:30pm when they opened the Hall to the people. We ended up mingling with the people in line. That's where I met Michael and Christina. They had been to the previous Revision3 / Diggnation meets and parties where they did some photography and mingling with the crowd. We had conversations about photographies, parties and other semi-related events previous. At that time, the doors opened up (it was a little after 6:30) and we took a seat near the front and behind Glenn.

The show started with a dramatic crowd cheer as Kevin and Alex took their places on the couch. They started their stories with the Olympic Sex story that hit the front page about a week ago. I won't give away the other stories that were presented as you'd have to watch the episode when it comes out. At the end though, Alex and Kevin were making fun of Glenn and his hippy ways. They then mentioned the 'hot chicks' that were in the front behind him and they zoomed into our friend Nichol with Glenn right there in the background. Needless to say she was really embarassed and although I nudged her to give him a hug or something. She refused. Then they went into emails where the Wii Fit Girl sent then a video email message.

They concluded the show with much fanfare and tosses out some NVIDIA graphic cards and t-shirts. After the show concluded, they informed us that there was an after party at the local 'Britannia Arms' bar/restaurant down the street. While regrouping and figuring out what to do afterwards, we decided not to waste time and go to the bar to meet up with the Diggnation group.

While there, we met some awesome people. We met Miles, Jesse, Joe and Amanda and shared a table with some of them. We ordered some food and while waiting for it to arrive, we mingled with our company. During that time we awaited the arrival of Kevin and Alex. The only other people that we knew there included Colleen, Jim Louderback, David Prager, et al.

Apparently after speaking with some people, Alex and Kevin did a brief show but had to depart. Alex had to film the TRS the morning after and Kevin was working on projects so they didn't stay. It was a bummer, however we did have a good time staying around and hanging out with the people there. We ended up leaving around 9:30pm and decided the night was an awesome success.

(Don't forget to bring a towel)

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008
8:10 am - Statistical Books are just numbers
As posted in Fireberry

On a personal level, I am not a math person. I’ve tried very hard to understand mathematics and I just fail at it miserably. I took pre-calculus 4 times, and I even still have the 4 math books to go with it. Four mathbooks unfortunately, does not mean I am 4 times smart, but instead i’m a fourth times smart. It has never been my strong point and I don’t think it ever will.

Musically, I am ok. Not strong and not weak either. I can play a good number of songs on the guitar, I know my A, B, C, D, E, F, G, chords. I can play a couple songs on the piano, i’ve even taken a class on music. I can beat match records like the best of them, I can identify BPM (beats per minute) on any particular type song by ear. I can’t play songs out of random, or by ear. I can hardly read music, but I can get the jest of it. I’m ok with music.

Now… when it comes to books with statistics in it, I just can’t tune it in. My brain can’t seem to process statistical type of books. However, when I was reading “This is your Brain on Music”, I could tune in the book just fine. I recently finished reading a book called “The Tipping Point”. The book started off and continued to be great. I understood what the author was talking about and what points he was trying to get across. However, there were many parts in the book where he was throwing numbers and statistical values my way. When he did that, I found myself tuning out the book. My brain just didn’t feel like it should have to remember those parts in the message it was trying to convey. I think it’s kind of funny because one of the books I want to read is called ‘Number Crunchers’, a book about statistical values. After finishing ‘The Tipping Point’ and attempting to sludge through the statistical values of it, I find myself wondering if this next book is something I want to attempt to climb through as well. Time will only tell.

On a seperate note, I started reading a book called ‘Snoop’ by Sam Gosling. It’s a book that informs the reader on understanding people just from the items they have, the way they have it arranged, etc. It’s an interesting read so far, but I will talk more about that later.

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Sunday, August 10th, 2008
10:41 pm - The Olympics
This weekend, I have watched the Olympics as much as I can. I feel this is a lot of this is history in the making. Although many might not think so, I'd like to think that watching this allows me to participate. Just right now I saw Kitajima Kosuke get a new World Record with 58.91 seconds. I can't help but feel empowered somehow as a participant in the games... not as a competitor but as a spectator adding to the energy of those who are competing to do their best. The only time in history when people come together in peace is during the Olympics. Even today, I saw a Georgian and Russian competitor hug as they completed an event, even as their home countries battle each other.

For one time, in the life of others, people come together in a harmonious event.

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Monday, August 4th, 2008
8:52 pm - The Periodic Table of Awesomeness

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5:26 pm - Upgrades and Stuff
(As originally posted on the 'Fireberry Blog' -- just trying to stay active somehow..hehe)

This weekend was pretty uneventful. On Saturday morning, I cycled into the main shopping area. I bought some milk, coffee and fresh bagels. Got home and made a bagel breakfast sandwich (with some fresh bacon we had too). That afternoon, I went to visit some friends in Milpitas. I was trying to help him install Linux onto a desktop that didn't have enough resources. Needless to say, the Linux itself failed so I have to give him some memory to help with those resources.

On Sunday, it was a very lazy day. That morning, I made breakfast for the kids and relaxed until afternoonish. Then I took the kids to the local sushi, and got them some terriaki chicken for lunch, then drove over and delivered the vegetable tempura to Annette at work. We visited for a tiny bit before taking my car to get washed. At the car wash, the kids suddenly became facinated with throwing pennies into the local fountain. They dug around the crevices looking for pennies, even the super old rusted ones. Then they would toss them into the fountain making silent wishes (at least Anika was). Kyra just threw them in for fun, watching the plop of the water and becoming proud of her accomplishment. After getting our car back, we traveled home where I assisted them in riding bikes around the complex. It quickly became hot for them so we went back inside and relaxed until evening and Annette came home.

Being that Sunday sounds more actioned packed than Sunday, it just seems that way because there was a lot of variety in the day. That's the way it works out.

I haven't been reading my books lately. I've been behind in catching up, mainly because I just haven't thought about them. I am currently reading "This is your Brain on Music" by Daniel Levitin. It's a very interesting topic on how the brain interacts with music, but I am finding that there isn't as much time spent discussing the brain than music itself. I haven't finished it yet, however I am certain that the little piece I heard on the brain is all I am going to hear. I will find out soon enough. Afterwards, I will be reading "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell (Yes I have already read 'Freakonomics'). I'm glad i've been reading more. It makes me feel smarter and more intellectual. I can't say that I am that type of person, however it feels good to think it.

On a side topic, I will attempt to attend the NVidia's NVision 2008 Expo thing they're having. There will be a live Diggnation taping on August 26th out there and I am going to endevour to attend. My friend Ben has expressed interest in joining as well since we both had a blast at the Revision3 party last time around.

(Don't forget to bring a towel)

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